Health & Safety

PCM Industrial Solutions Inc, is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our workers, our client’s employees and any other personnel that may interact with our work activities. PCM fosters a culture of health and safety where employee protection is a primary concern throughout all of our business operations.

In fulfilling this commitment to protect workers from injury and illness, we will provide a safe and healthy work environment through training and education as well as implementation and enforcement of procedures to ensure full compliance with all legislative and other requirements.

All levels of management will be held responsible and accountable for the safety of their workers. Management is responsible for establishing and maintaining health and safety programs and ensuring that sufficient resources are available to support the programs. Management is also responsible to ensure compliance with this policy, health and safety programs, as well as applicable legislation and other requirements.

All workers will be held responsible and accountable for their own safety behaviour and are required to observe the safety regulations and are obligated to report any unsafe or unhealthy working conditions to their respective supervisor.

All contractors, sub – contractors, their employees and all visitors to our facilities will be responsible and accountable to follow PCM health and safety programs and all applicable legislative requirements.

PCM pursues continual improvement which is illustrated through our commitment to maintain, review and update this policy and its associated programs as needed. This policy is communicated to all PCM workers as well as all persons working under the direct control of the organisation.