Sustainable Development & Operation Implementation

Organizations pursue sustainability initiatives in an effort to target cost reduction, grow business opportunities, improve risk management and illustrate corporate social responsibility. PCM Industrial Solutions is committed to helping organizations develop environmentally responsible business practices which capture added value while enhancing our natural and built environments. We show our clients how to adopt and prioritize sustainability initiatives so that financial, social and environmental considerations are incorporated into regular business activities.

Our environmental service solutions explicitly define your organization’s sustainably factors and outline the specific steps required to monitor, measure and improve performance. We customize enabling strategies for small – medium businesses as well as for large organizations.

We currently offer the following environmental services:

  • Employee Engagement & Stewardship Programs
  • Facility & Site Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Material Management
  • Monitoring & Management of Environmental Liabilities
  • Mould Containment & Abatement
  • Project Decommissioning
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Site Remediation and Redevelopment
  • Source Reduction Solutions
  • Strategic Project Management
  • Technical Support to Achieve Certification to an Accredited Standard (LEED, ISO, EcoLogo)