PCM Industrial Solutions is an industrial contractor providing multi – trades service and support to a wide range of clientele across Ontario.

PCM currently provides personnell to many companies both large and small. Our company consolidates experience in all aspects of mechanical, electrical, fabrication, project management and environmental services and support. PCM realizes the importance of efficiently conducting projects and maintaining production in a safe and effective manner.

We offer emergency breakdown service that is manned by our wide range of highly skilled, dependable and flexible workforce seven days a week and 24 hours a day; a service standard greatly appreciated by our current customer base. In doing so, we may return you to normal operation as soon as possible. When temporarily overloaded by sickness, injury, holidays, projects or when generally understaffed during peak periods, we offer companies an efective alternative to their own maintenance staff.

PCM Industrial Solutions also carries a wide assortment of well kept tools and equipment fully supported with fabricating facilities. Complete turnkey plant installations, relocating, material handling as well as maintenance programs are all within our capabilities. We would also be happy to develop and implement a suitable program for all of your projects and maintenance requirements.